TLR Slams Texas Watch TWIA Info Request

December 3, 2010
Contact: Sherry Sylvester

TLR Slams Texas Watch TWIA Info Request
So-called "consumer group" is following trial lawyer lead

(AUSTIN,TX) Texans for Lawsuit Reform slammed Texas Watch today for failing to push for the release of TWIA-IKE settlement information, and instead mimicking the actions of a personal injury trial lawyer who is heavily involved in the settlement.
Although details remain secret, according to news reports, the $189 million TWIA-IKE settlement included at least $75 million for attorney’s fees. A group of personal injury trial lawyers, led by Houston Hurricane lawyer Steve Mostyn, have gone to court to keep the details of the settlement secret.
When State Rep. Larry Taylor, who co-chairs the TWIA oversight committee, tried to get the details of the settlement made public, Mostyn attacked him, asking for information about insurance agent fees. Taylor is an independent insurance agent who has provided the public with information regarding his fees.
"Texas Watch is clearly following Mostyn's lead. If Texas Watch was a true ‘consumers’ group’ with an interest in rising homeowners insurance rates, they would join TLR and a host of lawmakers in calling for a release of the details of the TWIA-IKE settlement, including the attorney fees,” said TLR spokesperson, Sherry Sylvester.
Texas Watch has a history of masquerading as a consumer group, despite their long collaboration with trial lawyers. The Texas Watch board includes the spokesman for the Texas Trial Lawyers Association and other members of TTLA. Texas Watch was an active opponent of Proposition 12, the medical liability reforms of 2003 that have increased access to doctors and health care throughout Texas.
TLR’s request to TWIA, pursuant to the Public Information Act, sought the details of the TWIA- IKE settlement but did not seek any personal information regarding the claimants. A copy of TLR’s request for public information is available at

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