TLR Applauds AG Opinion on TWIA-Ike Settlement Information

November 23, 2010
Contact: Sherry Sylvester

TLR Applauds AG Opinion on TWIA-Ike Settlement Information
Civil justice reform group says “public absolutely has a right to know”

(AUSTIN, TX) Texans for Lawsuit Reform (TLR) issued the following statement today applauding Attorney General Greg Abbott’s opinion regarding the release of public information concerning Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) settlements arising from claims involving Hurricane Ike. TLR President Richard J. Trabulsi, Jr. said:
“Restoring and maintaining public trust in our civil justice system has always been a primary goal of TLR. In September, TLR requested that all important information regarding the TWIA-Ike settlements be released. The public absolutely has a right to know the details surrounding the TWIA- Ike settlements because of the unique nature of TWIA, the involvement of elected officials in its oversight, the potential impact on premiums paid by Texans for insurance, and the possibility that our State’s general revenue fund might be impacted.”
According to news reports, the July 2010 TWIA settlement totaled $189 million with approximately 40 percent, about $75 million, being awarded in attorneys’ fees. Mr. Trabulsi said the Attorney General’s opinion makes it clear that the secrecy associated with this large expenditure of funds must end.
TLR’s request to TWIA, pursuant to the Public Information Act, only sought the details of the TWIA-Ike settlement and did not seek any personal information regarding the claimants. A copy of TLR’s request for public information is available at

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