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The Mystery of Millionaire Donor Steve Mostyn: Why Charlie Crist, Why Florida?

Sunshine State News
By Nancy Smith
November 21, 2014

The biggest mystery that never unraveled in Florida Election 2014 has to be super-uber trial attorney Steve Mostyn.

Why would a Houston multimillionaire with no current business in the Sunshine State out-donate billionaire George Soros, giving it to Democrat Charlie Crist's Florida gubernatorial campaign and the Florida Democratic Party?

We never did get to the bottom of it. Crist and Mostyn didn't really know each other before the campaign. What did Mostyn want?

Mostyn Law Firm losses first hail claim trial in Hidalgo County

Southeast Texas Record
By David Yates
March 4, 2015

The first trial to arise from the thousands of lawsuits filed after a hailstorm struck McAllen three years ago ended in a loss for the Houston-based Mostyn Law Firm on Monday evening.

The firm’s founder, Steve Mostyn, made a name for himself after Hurricane Ike pummeled the Texas coast, reaping hundreds of millions in attorney’s fees by representing storm victims in suits against insurers.

His firm represents plaintiffs Andrea and Martin Amaro in their suit against National Lloyds Insurance.

Stormy weather for Steve Mostyn

By: David Yates
Southeast Texas Record
March 28, 2016

When it rains, it pours.

For Steve Mostyn, that's usually a good thing. The wind and rain that come with hurricanes and other storms, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses, are bad news for the owners of damaged property, but good news for Mostyn, because he is an attorney specializing in suing insurance companies (and the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association), ostensibly on behalf of property owners with unsatisfied damage claims.

State Farm defeats Mostyn hail claim, judge threatens to sanction him

By: David Yates
Southeast Texas Record
March 28, 2016

State Farm Lloyds recently added to its string of civil victories in hailstorm litigation, obtaining a summary judgment win in a lawsuit brought by the Mostyn Law Firm – a suit a federal judge found “factually unsupported,” like “many” of the storm claims brought by the Houston firm.

Through firm founder Steve Mostyn, plaintiff Juan Fregoso and his wife filed suit against State Farm in Hidalgo County District Court in April 2014, seeking up to $1 million in damages.

The case was removed to federal court two months later.

Insurer dubs Mostyn ‘puppet master,’ asks court to block ‘unethical’ counsel swap

By: David Yates
Southeast Texas Record
March 29, 2016

What started as an ordinary Hurricane Ike lawsuit, evolved into complex multi-party litigation, with the most recent filings accusing “puppet master” Steve Mostyn of paying for the defense of the man who sued him for malpractice.

After Ike ravaged his business, Tony Nouri sought $120,000 from his insurance provider, Underwriters at Lloyds of London, which was only willing to pay about a quarter of that amount.