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Mostyn forms new lawyers’ group to focus on campaign donations

By Marilyn Tennissen
October 23, 2013
Southeast Texas Record

Not happy with the amount of money the Texas Trial Lawyers Association is spending on political campaigns, three big name attorneys have formed a new group to help support their favorite candidates.

Houston attorney Steve Mostyn, the biggest donor to Democratic candidates in the state, has started the Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers with Amy Witherite of Dallas and Kurt Arnold of Houston.

Lawyer v. Lawyer as Mostyn Squares Off Against Texas Trial Lawyers Association

By Lou Ann Anderson
Watchdog Wire
November 12, 2013

It would seem it’s Lawyer v. Lawyer as the legal industry squares off in response to former Texas Trial Lawyers Association president and the state’s top Democratic donor, Steve Mostyn’s creation of the new Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers. An urgent meeting called recently by the TTLA was to “address complaints about its spending practices and other criticism leveled by a breakaway faction of attorneys who say they want more for their money,” The Texas Tribune reported.

Mostyn Law Firm donates $1 million to help Wendy Davis in Texas governor's race

By David Yates
January 20, 2014
The Washington Examiner

HOUSTON — The Mostyn Law Firm and its attorneys are spending a small fortune to ensure Texas Sen. Wendy Davis' political ambitions come to fruition.

The most recent contribution came on Dec. 31, with the Mostyn Law Firm ringing in the New Year by donating $1 million to the Texas Victory Committee -- a joint project of Wendy R. Davis for Governor and Battleground Texas, according to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Mostyn is treasurer of a multimillion dollar super PAC

By David Yates
Legal Newsline
February 3, 2014

HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – Thought to be a “super lawyer” by some groups, Houston attorney Steve Mostyn also doubles as a treasurer of a super PAC.

According to a Federal Ethics Commission report, Mostyn, founder of the Mostyn Law Firm, is the treasurer of former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords’ super PAC, Americans for Responsible Solutions, which hauled in $12,486,335.57 in contributions last year.

Crist gains ground on Scott in February, but is it enough money?

By Michael Van Sickler
Miami Herald
March 7, 2014

For the first time since he announced in November that he was running for governor, Charlie Crist’s political committee raised more money in a month than the campaign committee of his opponent, incumbent Rick Scott.

The “Charlie Crist for Governor Committee” raised $827,350 in February, nearly five times the $184,257 raised during the same period by Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work” committee.

Surpassing Scott’s fundraising behemoth is at least an indication that Crist can compete financially.

Texas lawmakers say they must protect tort reform measures from mega-donor Mostyn

By David Yates
Southeast Texas Record
March 17, 2014

HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – While Texas may never match the natural beauty of California, the Lone Star State’s legal and business climate keeps attracting more and more California businesses every year.

But despite Texas’ current legal and business model, Houston trial lawyer Steve Mostyn continues to spend millions each election cycle in what some see as an effort to turn Texas back into the “litigation capitol of the world.”

Mostyn Successfully Drags State Senator into TWIA Lawsuit

Washington Examiner
July 8, 2014

HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – At the request of Texas plaintiffs attorney Steve Mostyn, a Galveston County judge recently authorized the testimony of a Republican state senator accused of encouraging the Texas Windstorm Insurance Agency to fight some of the thousands of lawsuits brought against it by Mostyn.

Mostyn, the No. 1 political donor to Democrats in Texas, has reaped more than $200 million in attorneys fees from his hurricane lawsuits against TWIA, the state’s sole provider of windstorm insurance.

Across America, Hurricane Mostyn spending millions in 2014 election cycle

HOUSTON (Legal Newsline) – Just as he’s done in previous years, plaintiffs attorney Steve Mostyn has spent millions this election cycle in races all across the country.

And the Texas mega-donor doesn’t stop at funding individual candidates.

In fact, the Houston trial lawyer’s firm, the Mostyn Law Firm, made the top 20 list of organizations funding outside spending groups in the 2013-2014 election cycle.

Mostyn Tops $20 Million in Campaign Contributions

(Houston, TX) Personal injury trial lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn reported $2,302,455 on the recently filed TEC 30-Day report, bringing Mostyn’s lifetime total campaign contributions in Texas to $21,788,761.

Steve and Amber Mostyn: Two trial lawyers take from the little guy to give to the Left, deep in the heart of Texas

Steve and Amber Mostyn

Two trial lawyers take from the little guy to give to the Left, deep in the heart of Texas