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Why is Democrat Steve Mostyn trying to infiltrate the Republican Party?

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VIDEO: Who Is Steve Mostyn?

Who is Steve Mostyn? He's one of President Obama's biggest financial supporters. He's also a personal injury trial attorney fighting the conservative agenda in Texas. Yet Mostyn and his cronies masquerade as conservative Republicans in Texas. How? Watch the video and learn more.

Herding cats, or how to organize Democrats

By Patricia Kilday Hart
Houston Chronicle
March 3, 2013

When Democrats in the Texas House met in late January to elect Dallas Rep. Yvonne Davis as their leader by the slimmest of margins, she promised to listen to their voices - and not to un-elected outsiders, specifically, Houston Democratic benefactor Steve Mostyn.

Texas trial lawyer eyes New York storm cases

By Tim Eaton
American-Statesman Staff
March 18, 2013

From his Austin office, Steve Mostyn looks east. Immediately before him, he sees the Texas Capitol, the domed building in which the state’s most powerful politicians have toiled for more than a decade to hobble the business of trial lawyers like himself.

Lawyer Mostyn Accused of Killing Windstorm Reform

By Greg Groogan, Special Projects Reporter

Taylor: TWIA reforms killed by trial lawyers, Steve Mostyn

Southeast Texas Record
May 21, 2013
Marilyn Tennissen

With only days before the 2013 Hurricane Season begins, the state’s insurer of last resort may have to file for bankruptcy, and one Texas lawmaker says attempts to save the agency have been killed by a Houston trial attorney.

State Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) claims that a proposed bill to reform the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association was killed by Democratic senators who were pressured by attorney Steve Mostyn.

Battleground Texas: Political Activism Masking Professional Opportunism?

By Lou Ann Anderson
Watchdog Wire
July 22, 2013

The left’s Battleground Texas effort positions itself as a people-powered grassroots movement seeking to “turn Texas blue,” but its status as another advocacy project for Steve Mostyn, a Houston personal injury attorney and former president of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association also known in political circles both as a Democratic mega-donor and for his hurricane lawsuit specialization, reminds how political activism is sometimes a mask for professional opportunism.

Meet Mark McCaig

Mark McCaig

The President of the so-called Texans for Individual Rights, McCaig is a trial lawyer who has abandoned his Republican principles.

McCaig is on Steve Mostyn’s payroll, and has been denounced as a front man for liberals by the Young Conservatives of Texas and others. McCaig’s job is to attack lawsuit reform and TLR.

Mega-Donor Forms New Trial Lawyer Association

By Jay Root
October 22, 2013
Texas Tribune

The state’s top Democratic donor, trial lawyer Steve Mostyn, is spearheading a new group of like-minded attorneys who want to shake up politics — and the storied Texas Trial Lawyers Association along with it.

Mostyn and two heavy-hitter trial lawyers, Amy Witherite of Dallas and Kurt Arnold of Houston, have formed a new group called the Texas Association of Consumer Lawyers. The chief goal, says Mostyn, is getting more money into the hands of candidates friendly to their cause, with as little administrative bloat as possible.