Mostyn Tops $20 Million in Campaign Contributions

(Houston, TX) Personal injury trial lawyers Steve and Amber Mostyn reported $2,302,455 on the recently filed TEC 30-Day report, bringing Mostyn’s lifetime total campaign contributions in Texas to $21,788,761.

“The pattern of Mostyn’s campaign contributions reveal his single-minded and self-interested goal of rolling back Texas’ historic tort reforms and creating more opportunities to sue. He has made massive contributions to Senators Wendy Davis and Leticia Van DePutte, both strident opponents of tort reform, as well as using large contributions to reward his friends and punish his enemies,” said TLRPAC spokesperson Sherry Sylvester.

Mostyn has already contributed $200,000 to Susan Criss, the former District Judge in Galveston County. Mostyn was awarded tens of millions of dollars in attorney fees in lawsuits filed in Criss’ court against the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). Criss is running for the Texas House. Similarly, Mostyn spent over a million dollars in 2012 in an effort to defeat Sen. Larry Taylor, a member of the House Insurance Committee, who attempted to shine a spotlight on TWIA attorney fees that rendered the quasi-state agency virtually insolvent.

Mostyn has also contributed $500,000 to the Democrat who is running to replace Wendy Davis in Senate District 10 in Tarrant County. Davis took the lead in pushing the trial lawyer agenda in the Texas Senate and Mostyn clearly wants to replace Davis with another pro-lawsuit Democrat ally.

Mostyn’s focus on his own bottom line can also be seen in his $836,500 in contributions to the Texas Organizing Project, an ACORN Project off-shoot that operates voter registration and mobilization projects in urban counties, critical to the election of Democrat district judges. And he has contributed $842,247 to Battleground Texas, the Obama operatives’ machine that is working to turn Texas Democrat.

Mostyn is a liberal Democrat who was a top fundraiser for President Obama and former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In his Texas campaign contributions, however, his self-interest frequently trumps his left-leaning ideology. In addition to being the largest funder of Texas Democratic candidates, Mostyn has put hundreds of thousands of dollars behind unsuccessful anti-tort reform candidates in Republican primaries who he hoped would push his job-killing pro-lawsuit agenda. For more information about Steve Mostyn, visit

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